This is a collection projects I've worked on over the years.

Mooltipy (2015)

Mooltipy is a collection of command-line utilities and python library developed to manage the Mooltipass, a hardware password keeper. Released as free software under the GPL.

QBWizard (2014-present)

QuickBooks to Tigerpaw conversion wizard. Data is extracted from QuickBooks and imported into Tigerpaw taking into account different methods of accounting and disparate database structure between both programs.

Crystal Reports Online Store (2013-present) is an online e-commerce website running OpenCart. From the shopping cart, customers can purchase premade Tigerpaw reports. A purchase results in the customer receiving a single installation file containing only the reports they paid for. Additionally the online store and our in house database are integrated so that the sale and customer inventory shows in both places.

QBTrak (2006-present)

Tigerpaw to QuickBooks accounting integration.

Ignite - Database Enhancements (2009-present)

A collection of database modifications (i.e. stored procedures, triggers, functions) customers could install to automate and enhance aspects of Tigerpaw.

Tantivy - Crystal Report E-Mail Engine (2010-present)

Tantivy is a Windows service which can be configured to e-mail invoices to customers or schedule Tigerpaw Reports for periodic delivery.

Regional Enterprise Call Accounting Package (2009-present)

In house call accounting system developed to collect call records (metadata) from remote customer sites into a centalized database for analysis and reporting.

A device was deployed at customer sites to collect call record streams from phone systems and send them back to our network. Call records were collected in an FTP server and later a web service then imported into a database. Customers could create reports to view on the web or schedule them for periodic e-mail delivery.

Phone systems supported: NEC 2000, 2400, 8100, 9100, 8500, 9500.

The FTP service was hosted on CentOS. Windows services written in VB.NET would periodically import record data into an Microsoft SQL database and send out scheduled reports. Later a Flask web service written in Python replaced the Windows services and FTP server, directly importing records into the database.

Lehigh & Northampton Transportation Authority (LANta) Bus Route IVR (2011)

Lehigh & Northampton Transportation Authority IVR riders could call to enter their bus stop and receive up-to-the minute schedule or information about delays.

Developed on AVST UCConnect platform with VB.NET. Bus route data was provided by Avaltec through a web API.

At the time of this writing [May 4, 2016] this service was still available at 610-776-7433.

Misc. Integrations
  • Avalara AvaTax service integration into Tigerpaw.
  • Peachtree or Sage 50 accounting integration into Tigerpaw.
  • Paychex payroll integration into Tigerpaw.
  • V-Technologies StarShip integration into Tigerpaw.
Mobile Inventory Management (2004-2009)

Developed software to run on a Symbol MC50 / MC70 Pocket PC with which inventory could be counted by scanning bar codes on products. A corresponding server-side component would accept data and write an inventory count file for later import into Tigerpaw.

Written in Embedded VB 3 / Visual Basic 6. The best I have to say about this project is that it was mobile development which predated Android, iPhone, YouTube and was released the same year that Gmail debuted.